Curriculum Choice

  1. The student chooses one of the available courses in the partner universities.

  2. If the student chooses a full course: 2 semesters in 2 separate universities, he/she will need to acquire 50 ECTS.

  3. The home university will award 10 ECTS (see the specifications given at the time of registration at the home university)

  4. Each partner university offers a specialization program that corresponds to one semester of teaching. In some programs, the student may be required to choose options. He / she will need to obtain 25 ECTS per semester.


Obtaining the required 60 ECTS : 25 ECTS in both partner universities and 10 ECTS in the home university.


At the end of this year of study, the student obtains a diploma from his or her home university and a certificate signed by the consortium.