Enrollment procedures

For students coming from a partner university:

  1. Retrieve the enrollment document from your home university or download it here.
  2. Provide your home university and the METS officialsMs Patricia Kerres and Ms Olivia Dangleterre – with the document no later than February 28 2024.
  3. The list of admitted students will be published at the end of April 2024. A confirmation letter will also be sent to students with more details with regards to the semesters spent in the receiving university.
  4. Admitted students are required to contact the receiving university to confirm that they accept the proposal.
  5. Students will have to contact their home university’s METS coordinator who will provide to them all informational documents along with the terms and conditions necessary to the delivery of the 10 ECTS from the reference institute.
  6. Following acceptation of the proposal, each receiving university will send students an acceptance letter and an information leaflet on the courses available, alongside contact information to help them search for accomodation.

For students not currently studying in a partner university:

  1. Complete the application form and sent it to one of our partner universities.
  2. Candidates that meet our requirements will receive an invitation to an admission exam
  3. If they successfully pass this exam, candidates will be admitted in fourth year at the university for which they have passed the exam.

Below is a table indicating which language you are required to write your letter of motivation according to the university you are contacting

ISIT – ParisFrench
KU Leuven – Brussel/AntwerpenEnglish
Universidad de MalagaSpanish
Universidad de SalamancaSpanish
Università di Bologna – ForlìItalian
Universität LeipzigGerman
Universität WienGerman
Université Catholique de l’Ouest – AngersFrench
Université libre de BruxellesFrench


Download the application form