Read student comments from Anthonya, Antoine, Clothilde, Lucie and Jeremy who have all experienced the METS program. We hope their answers will help you make the right decision for your academic future.
You will find out the reasons which made them choose the METS program, how this curriculum changed their lives, one of their best memory, and their current professional situation.

Anthonya : “In addition to bringing me a lot on a personal level, the METS has been a real springboard to the world of work for me.”

Antoine : “This european curriculum allowed me to secure an internship which turned into a professional contract.”

Clothilde : “METS is a guarantee of quality which will undoubtedly be an asset in job searching.”

Lucie : “METS is a guarantee of excellency for recruiters, who place their trust in the program’s graduates.”

Jérémy : “This is an excellent training for those who intend to become translators: rewarding and enriching.”

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  • Anthonya : UCL - UCO-Angers - Universität Wien