Clothilde, class of 2014, intern at the European Parliament

Translation intern
City : Luxemburg

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Why did you choose to do the METS?
I joined ISIT in 2009 with the ambition to join a European institution once I graduated. My language combination (French-English-German-Italian) corresponds indeed to the needs of these institutions. The METS signatory universities are all recognised in the European Union for the quality of their translation teaching, which is why it seemed interesting to me to add this experience to my training at ISIT.

Describe your current work situation.
I am currently a trainee at the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Parliament (Luxembourg). I am convinced that I have been accepted for this translation internship thanks to the METS’ degree and the skills I have acquired during this experience. The METS program is a very selective and thereby a guarantee of quality for both universities and European institutions and will undoubtedly be positive for my professional integration.

How has METS influenced your career path?
METS has allowed me to accumulate experience abroad and to consolidate my skills by being immersed in two renowned foreign universities in the field of translation. I was able to discover new translation teaching methods, new translation-related disciplines and new translation tools. I also deepened my knowledge of my working languages, both written and spoken.
This experience allowed me to obtain not only the ISIT diploma at the end of my five years of study, but also a METS diploma recognized by the programme’s partner universities and by translation professionals.

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