Antoine, class of 2011, translator & technical proofreader

Translator & technical proofreader
City: Rennes (France)

Home university: UCO
Partner university S1 : ILMH
Partner university S2: Universidad Pontifica Comillas

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Why did you choose to do the METS?
I have always considered studying abroad as an essential part of the university experience. METS offered me the opportunity to discover the field of translation in different universities, cultures and countries.
Moreover, the fact that I could study in two cities with a European dimension, Brussels and Madrid, allowed me to shape my professional project, which is to work for large European and international organisations.

Describe your current professional situation.
After obtaining my Master’s degree in translation, I did my final internship at LCI Bretagne, a translation agency in the Rennes region. Following this internship, the director offered me a permanent contract. So, since autumn 2011, I have been working as a technical translator/proofreader in the same agency.
My work mainly consists of translating and proofreading technical documents (brochures, product sheets, manuals, etc.), in the IT, automotive, medical, etc. sectors.

How has METS influenced your career path?
Attending METS was a very enriching experience for me and has obviously had an influence on my career path. Indeed, this European programme has consolidated my professional project and has certainly enabled me to quickly find an internship in a translation agency. The internship ended with a permanent contract.
The fact that I did an internship during the second semester, in Madrid, also benefited me personally and professionally.

Tell us about your METS experience!
As part of my semester at the Pontifica Comillas University, I had to complete a 160-hour internship at a translation agency in the Spanish capital. This work experience was very beneficial on many levels. Of course, at the beginning, the fact that the location of the internship was imposed on me may come as a bit of a surprise. We hope to work in a very good company, so that we can put our knowledge into practice in the best possible way. But very quickly, all these doubts disappeared, and I quickly realised that Comillas had established a very good relationship with the company and had built up a very good address book.
This internship was an opportunity for me to learn about the work process of a translation agency, with the added benefit of working abroad. I was able to benefit from an introduction to the life of a translator, while improving my Spanish. In addition, I had the chance to translate a wide variety of documents, from technical to marketing, legal and sworn translations.
I have very good memories of this internship.

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