Jérémy, class of 2011, student, future teacher

Student/Trainee teacher
City: Namur (Belgium)

Home university : UCO
Partner university S1 : ILMH
Partner university S2 : Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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Why did you choose to do the METS?
It is a professional path that allows you to discover (or deepen your knowledge of) other cultures.
Living and studying abroad can only be enriching.

Describe your current professional situation.
I am no longer involved in translation; I have decided to reorient myself by preparing for the competitive exam for teachers in schools in France. Although I am currently doing administrative work in tourism in Belgium, I intend to become a teacher.

In what way has METS had an influence on your career path?
METS has allowed me to meet many students, some of whom have become excellent friends; you (re)discover two countries in a single year of study.
Although I have reoriented myself, it is an excellent training for those who intend to become translators: rewarding and enriching.

Tell us about a memorable METS experience!
Without a doubt the student life abroad as a whole; I was also struck by the contrast in style between the ILMH in Brussels: rigorous and academic in style with numerous courses in technical, scientific and legal translation on the one hand, with 8 hours a day of the same course; and the Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona on the other hand, with a more relaxed and classic style with different courses a day complemented by a language course that still needs to evolve and improve.

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