Irene, class of 2007, translator

City : Zurich, Switzerland

Home university: Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Partner university S1: Universität Leipzig
Partner university S2: Lessius Hogeschool

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Why did you choose to do the METS?
Because it allowed me to combine a specialisation in two top European universities with the discovery of two foreign countries.

Describe your current professional situation.
I am currently a professional translator. I translate and proofread legal, economic and marketing texts, correspondence, journalistic articles, etc.
To a lesser extent, I carry out tasks related to the localization of company software and terminology collection.

How has METS influenced your career path?
The international experience is the best part of the METS program to me. On the one hand, I discovered other academic models and other approaches to teaching translation, while perfecting my C language and learning a new foreign language.
On the other hand, the relation to teachers and fellow students, whom I have fantastic memories of, was very important, especially from the point of view of professional integration.

Tell us about a memorable METS experience!
I am the first Spanish student to have followed the programme in Lessius.

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