Anthonya, class of 2020, legal assistant

FR – EN – DE

Home university: UCLouvain
Partner university S1: UCO – Angers
Partner university S2: Universität Wien

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Why did you choose to do the METS?
Because it was a unique opportunity for me to be exposed to other ways of teaching translation while opening up to the world

Describe your current professional situation.
I am currently a paralegal in an intellectual property consultancy in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. My work consists of managing trademark and design registration procedures at national, European and international level. I use French, English and German on a daily basis.

How has METS influenced your career path?
During my studies I really enjoyed the law and legal translation courses. All the courses I took at METS were very exciting, but I would add that METS made me realize that I wanted to work in a field related to law. Today, I am not a translator, but I use everything I learned during my stays abroad on a daily basis.

This professional training has enabled me to acquire qualities that are highly valued by my employers. In addition to bringing me a lot on a personal level, the METS has been a real springboard to the world of work for me.

Tell us about a memorable METS experience!
There are so many to tell! I would mention the availability of the professors in the partner universities, the links I had the opportunity to forge with people who have now become friends, and my long walks through Angers and Vienna, two splendid cities.

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